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These units are priced to sell. Reasonable offers considered.

Type: 20′ Standard – Used
Price: $4,000 (2 available)
Features: Mandoor on side, lockbox.
Specials Code: CW-20S.1006
Location: Vancouver

Type: 20′ Standard – Used
Price: $3,200
Features: One side is open, painted yellow.
Specials Code: 20SMD.WEB0008
Location: Vancouver

Type: 12′ High Cube Extra Wide – New
Price: $9,000
Features: 11’5″ wide
Specials Code: 12HMD.WEB.0002
Location: Vancouver

Type: 20′ High Cube Deluxe Washroom – New
Price: $31,000
Features: 3 urinals, 2 sinks, 2 stalls (designed for connection to water sewer).
Specials Code: CW-20HC.4002
Location: Vancouver

Type: 8′ Standard – New
Price: $3,800
Features: Painted blue.
Specials Code: 8SMD.WEB0003
Location: Dawson Creek

Type: 20′ Standard – As Is
Price: $2,000 (2 available)
Features: Floorboards pulling up.
Specials Code: CW-20S-GE
Location: Dawson Creek

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $4,000
Features: Lights, 6 quad & 2 duplex electrical outlets, breaker box.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB0004
Location: Edmonton

Type: 40′ Standard – Nearly New
Price: $5,200
Features: Container doors at each endDent/scratch on one side.
Specials Code: 40SDD.WEB0001
Location: Edmonton

Type: 40′ Standard – As Is
Price: $2,300
Features: Hole/door damage.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB0006
Location: Edmonton

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