These units are priced to sell. Reasonable offers considered.

Type: 20′ Standard – Used
Price: $9,800
Features:  Used 20′ standard container with personnel door and sliding window in the end wall, insulated and plywood lined interior, heat, lights, exhaust fan.
Specials Code: 20S-WO – CISU1137418
Location: Vancouver

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $5,800
Features: This 40ft standard container was lightly used and  has some scratches. It has been used a few times.
Specials Code: 40S-GB – TISU4004056
Location: Calgary

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $2,500
Features:  This 40′ container has some minor rust and missing the cargos doors. Great price.
Specials Code: 40S-GE – SENU4291978
Location: Edmonton

Type: 40′ Standard – As Is
Price: $1,900
Features: This unit has some rust isues and might not be wind & water tight. Doors close properly. We are selling this unit as is. The buyer is responsible to review.
Specials Code: 40S-GE – AWSU4941410
Location: Calgary

Type: SOLD! – 40′ High Cube – Used
Price: $4,900
Features: Used 40′ High Cube wind and water tight container with 3/4” SF ceiling, lockbox, fresh grey exterior paint.
Specials Code: 40HC-GD – CISU9961808
Location: Vancouver

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $4,500
Features: This wind and water tight container container has a mandoor and lockbox.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB.0003 – IMTU1039092
Location: Vancouver

Type: SOLD! – 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $3,500
Features: Used 40′ standard container with open side and a dozen wall hooks. Separate storage area with man door, light, electrical outlet, shelf and wall hooks.  Comes with curtains.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB.0013 – 1394222
Location: Vancouver

Type: SOLD! – 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $2,500
Features: Used 40′ standard container with open side. Easy access by forklift. Perfect for storing big pieces of material, barrels, etc.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB.0013 – 1114606
Location: Vancouver

Type: SOLD! – 20′ Standard – Used
Price: $3,600
Features: This beige ex-rental container  with lockbox on cargo doors.
Specials Code: 20S-GB – CEUU2055660
Location: Vancouver

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