Type: 20′ Standard – New (one-trip)
Price: $8, 500
Features: New (one-trip) 20′ standard container with 2 roll up doors and spray foam insulated ceiling, NO cargo doors on either end.
Specials Code: 20SMD.WEB.0011
Location: Vancouver

Type: 40′ Office / Storage – Used
Price: $12,500
Features: Used 40′ Std container split into 2 sections. Office side 24′ c/w door, 2 windows, heat, light, outlets, spray foamed ceiling. Storage side 16′ c/w light, outlets, spray foamed ceiling.
Specials Code: 40S2416.300 – 0000005
Location: Vancouver

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $6,300
Features: Used 40′ Standard container with 4 doors, divider walls (5 sections) and spray foamed ceiling.
Specials Code: 40SMD.WEB.0015 – 5201496
Location: Vancouver

Type: 20′ Standard – New (one-trip)
Price: $4,100
Features: New (one-trip) 20′ standard container. Our older stock of new (one-trip) containers with fresh army green or navy blue paint.
Specials Code: 20S-ARMY-NAVY
Location: Vancouver

Type: 53′ High Cube – As Is
Price: $4,200
Features: AS IS 53′ High Cube container. Some rust, small holes, working doors, structurally sound.
Specials Code: 53HDR.DXXX
Location: Vancouver

Type: 40′ High Cube – As Is
Price: $2,500
Features: AS IS 40′ High Cube. Rust, may have holes.
Specials Code: 40HDR.EX00
Location: Vancouver

Type: 20′ Standard – As Is
Price: $1,900
Features:  AS IS 20′ standard container.  Doors do not seal, graffitti, dents and patches.
Specials Code: 20S-GE – XXXX2727317
Location: Calgary

Type: 20′ Standard – Used
Price: $2,900
Features:  Used 20′ standard container with lockbox
Specials Code: 20SL-GD – YMLU3162800
Location: Calgary

Type: 40′ Standard – Used
Price: $5,800
Features: Lightly used 40′ standard container with a few scratches.
Specials Code: 40S-GB – TISU4004056
Location: Calgary

Type: 40′ Standard – As Is
Price: $2,000
Features:  Used 40′ standard container, no cargo doors.
Specials Code: 40S-GE – SENU4291978
Location: Edmonton

Type: 40′ High Cube – Used
Price: $6,900
Features:  Used 40′ high cube container with 8ft. wide roll up door sin the middle and spray foamed ceiling.
Specials Code: 40HC.1010
Location: Edmonton

Type: 20′ Standard – As Is
Price: $2,000
Features: AS IS 20′ standard container.
Specials Code: 20S-GE – MIGU3620460
Location: Edmonton

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