CSA W47.1 Certification
CSA W47.1
Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel

ContainerWest Manufacturing has attained certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau for CSA W47.1 in Division 2.0 This allows us to make structural modifications to shipping containers, which can be sold as relocatable buildings under all Canadian building codes.

This certification requires the following be present: retained welding engineer that oversees the welding program, welding supervisor, qualified welders, and quality control program that includes approved welding data sheets and procedure specifications. We retain the services of specialized welding engineer Steve Siu, president of SKC Engineering.

CSA A660 Certification
CSA A660
Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems

The CSA A660 certification gives permitting officials assistance in reviewing permit submissions and helps our clients know that they are receiving a quality product. The certification requires that our production plant, staff and quality assurance systems are reviewed and approved by an independent certification agency.

CSA A660 ensures that ContainerWest Manufacturing has been audited for: personnel, design and engineering, materials control, fabrication, warehousing, erection responsibility and plant quality program.

CWB Certification logo.
CWB WeldQuality Mark

The CWB Weld QualityMark is a third party stamp of approval that shows customers that all welding is being done to a long established Canadian standard. This guarantees reliable, safe, and quality welds.

A277 Certification.
CSA A277
Factory Certification of Buildings

The CSA A277 standard is a factory certification procedure that defines quality-control procedures and staff that a plant must have in place to ensure that the buildings it produces are built properly and in accordance with the relevant standards and codes.

Alberta Part 10 Certification.
Part 10 Certified

Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code is specific to relocatable structures (such as container-based buildings). Part 10 includes stringent requirements for quality & transportability, as well as technical requirements such as sufficient insulation and snow loading support to be appropriate for year round use in Alberta. Additional requirements must also be met for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and gas specifications.

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