These units are perfect for storing items you need regular access to.

Available as 20' Containers with 2 Roll-up Doors and 40' Containers with 3 Roll-up Doors.

Roll-ups are easier to open than cargo doors and provide convenient access to almost the full length of the storage area.

Roll-ups are also popular with self-storage facilities, and with industrial sites where heavy storage items are moved using a forklift.


  • Spray foam insulation on the ceiling to prevent condensation.
  • Roll-up door(s) along the left side with reinforced frame.
  • Durable construction made from COR-TEN anti-corrosive steel.
  • Fully undercoated hardwood flooring.
  • Rust resistant paint coatings & door hardware.
  • Floor-to-ceiling doors at one end with lockable door handles.
  • Forklift pockets for ease of handling.


Exterior Dimensions

Length | 20'
Width | 8'
Height | 8'6"

Interior Dimensions

Depth | 19'5"
Width | 7'8"
Height | 7'9"

Approximate Weight

4,900 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions

Length | 40'
Width | 8'
Height | 9'6"

Interior Dimensions

Depth | 39'5"
Width | 7'8"
Height | 8'10"

Roll-up Door Opening

Width | 9'11"
Height | 6'10"

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