What We Can?Do

From generator enclosures, to multistory modular facilities, we have the experience and resources to design, build and deliver your container-based project.? Our Custom Manufacturing process is geared for complex projects with budgets over $50,000.? Basic modifications, such as adding a door or window, do not go through the below design process.

Container Buildings

ContainerWest designs and builds a variety of container buildings intended for occupancy.? From construction site offices, to oil field workshops, worker living quarters, and much more.

Training Facilities

ContainerWest is a specialized provider of custom training facilities for fire departments, major utilities, and industrial companies across Western Canada.? With features ranging from smoke machines to live fire, burn props, confined spaces, stairwells, adjustable wall configurations, breakable doors, environmental sensors, and much more.

Equipment Enclosures

ContainerWest has extensive experience building equipment enclosures for a variety of industries.? From generator enclosures, to pump houses, electrical houses, communication houses, wastewater treatment tank enclosures, fuel cell enclosures, and much more.

Engineering Expertise

Custom Manufacturing - Using AutoCad Drawing of container based training facility.

Our in-house engineering department specializes in innovative designs for shipping container-based construction.? We utilize 3-D modelling engineering software programs such as SolidWorks with finite element analysis, and also offer full colour renderings to better picture how the structure will look when completed.

Our Engineering Team offers the following services for larger Custom Manufacturing projects:

  • Concept Design:?We work with you to flesh out your idea and optimize the design to suit your budget, needs and timeline.
  • Permitting & Building Code Support:?Our engineers have extensive experience with building container-based buildings (or structures) for erection in municipalities across Western Canada. We can assist your registered consultants with municipal permitting and can build the unit to meet any Canadian building code.
Custom Manufacturing - Designing custom floorplan from concept render.
  • Design to Specific Standards:?ContainerWest can design and manufacture your project to any standards or specifications you require. We are certified to build relocatable buildings to Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code; and are registered with DUNS, CCR and CDG to be able to work on military projects.? Our engineering team is experienced with hazardous location requirements, and can design using explosion proof or ignition proof electrical components.
  • Detailed Design:?Our engineers look into all the details, from modelling the structural integrity of your project under heavy snow loads, to selecting the most efficient materials, to ensuring transportability, and even creating full colour renderings to help visualize your project.
  • Approval Drawings:?We ensure you get the solution you need by working with you throughout the project. We provide approval drawings, conduct project team meetings, and even provide you with shop tours of your project being built.
  • Custom Manufacturing Planning:?Before fabrication begins, our structures are carefully engineered, materials selected and manufacturing methods streamlined to provide high quality and efficient fabrication.

Shop Capabilities

Our 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is located on Mitchell Island, in the Vancouver Area, and provides a quality controlled environment for the fabrication of your shipping container project.


  • CSA A660: Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems
  • CSA A277: Factory Certification of Buildings
  • Part 10 Certified: Certified to Build Relocatable Structures to Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code

(To learn more about these certifications, see our Expertise page)


  • 30,000 sq. ft. drive-through manufacturing facility on a dedicated 6 acre site
  • 4,ooo sq ft secure warehouse
  • 2 jib cranes inside the fabrication area
  • 50 and 30 ton mobile cranes with specialized rigging
  • 3 container handlers
  • 6 forklifts
  • Steel saw and cutting area
  • Full complement of tooling
  • Welding, electrical, mechanical, framing, drywall and finishing
  • Ticketed journeymen welders and electricians
  • Heated and vented painting & spray foaming Area
  • Sandblasting Area
  • 3rd party audited quality control program

Project Support

  • Specialized inventory of extra wide and extra tall containers:
    Saves significant time & money by reducing the need to modify containers to provide more interior space or fit large equipment such as water tanks.
  • Extensive inventory of new and used basic shipping containers located on site
  • Our own crane trucks and experienced drivers for Lower Mainland deliveries
  • Experienced logistics team able to coordinate delivery to even remote locations
  • Access to a barge dock for ocean transport

Examples of Custom Projects

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