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DNV or offshore containers are made to withstand the high degree of wear and tear caused by their use on offshore oil rigs or wind energy platforms.? Although similar in appearance to traditional containers, these units feature heavier duty materials such as thicker steel, more rust resistant paint, and checker plate rather than hardwood flooring.? In addition, these units have components that are specifically designed to safely allow transport by forklift, container lift and crane.? Each unit comes with a lifting harness to facilitate a crane lift.?? With an anti-slip coating on the roof, and a simple ladder built into the front of the unit, these units were designed for workers to be able to safely attach the harness to the 4 specially designed corner castings and then onto a crane hook.

Although designed for an offshore environment, these heavy duty, safer and easy to transport units are also useful for other industrial applications.? Please contact us to find out more.

of our Offshore DNV Containers
  • Extra thick, durable and fire resistant construction made from COR-TEN anti-corrosive steel
  • Sealed and welded construction – wind & water tight, rodent proof.
  • Steel checker plate flooring
  • Rust resistant paint coatings & door hardware
  • Floor-to-ceiling doors at one end with lockable door handles
  • Shipping approved ABUS lock enclosure
  • Forklift pockets for ease of handling
  • Built in ladder at the front to allow for easy access to the roof
  • Anti-slip coating on the roof, to increase safety for workers
  • Lifting harness included, to allow for easy transport by crane
  • Specially designed corner castings for use with the lifting harness
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of Offshore DNV Containers

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of Offshore DNV Containers

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