Popular Modification Options

Below lists some examples of modifications that we can do to basic or unique-size containers. Other options are also available on request. For more complex modifications, please see our custom manufacturing page. To get a cost estimate, submit a quick quote request today and we will reply as soon as we can.

3’0” x 6’8” Insulated steel man door

These doors help to maintain comfortable temperatures, allow for easy access to the container, and are very durable. Man doors are installed with reinforced frames.

Man door installed into container

Roll-up doors are installed with reinforced frame, a lock and a latch set. These doors are functional and practical for residential and industrial use since they allow for easy access to the container.

Bulkhead: 6’7” x up to 7’10” Roll-up door

Side Wall: 8’ x up to 7’10” Roll-up door

20' Container with 2 roll up doors, exterior with doors closed

Vents or Louvers allow for proper airflow which helps to vent potentially hazardous fumes while also reducing condensation, keeping stored goods dry. Available in various sizes with optional snowhoods.

Optional vent for containers.
Vent installed in container with awning

Windows & Skylights

Our standard window is 3′ x 4′.

Custom sizes available, windows may be fixed or sliding. Skylight options are also available.

Optional 4x3 window, includes welded frame & bugscreen
5' x 3' fixed window installed in container

1” to 3” spray foam on ceiling, walls and/or undercarriage

Closed cell polyurethane foam is used, which increases the structural strength of the container. This foam is water and mold resistant, making it very durable.

Container interior coated with spray foam insulation

Basic liner package

This R14 insulated and G1S plywood lined package is ideal for milder weather.

Optional basic interior lining for containers. Includes R14 Batt insulation.

Northern liner package

This package features a stronger R20 ceiling along with R14 insulated walls vinyl covered plywood. G1S plywood or fire-rated drywall liners are also available.

Northern Liner insulation installed in container.

Basic enamel paint

Our standard paint is Hempel Hi-Build enamel. This is a high quality paint from a world wide manufacturer.
We also have 2 part paint and special coatings available. Please contact us for more information or to share your paint specifications.

Containers showcasing various colored paint options

Electrical options

We have a variety of electrical options to fit your needs:

  • Fluorescent lighting (4′ or 8′)
  • LED lighting
  • Exterior container lighting
  • Heaters & A/C units
  • Trailer Boxes
  • Electrical panels with breakers
  • Duplex outlets & switches

We can also accommodate specialized electrical setups for unique projects. Contact our sales staff for more information.

Fluorescent lighting option


These lock boxes protect your pad lock from the threat of bolt cutters, improving the security of the container.  Can accept most standard padlocks.

Container door lock box

Container padlock hasp

Single man door lock box

Optional lockbox installed on man door for container security.

Twist locks allow the connection of two containers, either stacked or side-by-side.

Individual twist lock.
Twist lock shown joining stacked containers.

Containers have steel lashing rings regularly spaced along the interior walls so cargo can be tied down.  Our versatile and easy to install vertical shelving brackets simply hook into these existing rings.  They are perfect for organizing the container and holding items of value that are being stored.

Each bracket is over 5 feet tall and is designed to support 3 levels of wooden shelves. Options include complete shelving sets with ¾’’ plywood or brackets only.  A bracket must be placed every 4 feet, up to a maximum of 5 brackets on one side of a 20’ container, or 10 brackets on one side of a 40’ container.

8’ long – 18” or 24” wide, 4 shelves

10’ long – 18” or 24” wide, 4 shelves

Optional Shelving brackets shown installed in container.