Container with Heat, Light & Insulation


Our heat, light and foam combo is the optimal solution if you need to maintain your storage items above freezing.  The spray foam insulation also protects the interior from moisture since it prevents the accumulation of condensation.  This unit features a man door with padlock enclosure for easy access and enhanced security.

Forklift pockets and corner castings make moving and stacking units easy.  As with all our containers, these units are durable, secure, wind and water tight, and fire resistant. Available in 20′ and 40′ length containers.

  • Spray-foam insulation on walls and ceiling
  • Theft resistant padlock enclosure box for container doors
  • Steel man door with padlock enclosure box
  • 60 Amp, 120 / 220 Volt electrical panel
  • One quad electrical outlet near the panel
  • Interior lighting with convenient switch
  • One heater (Two heaters in 40′ option)
Available Options

 *Model is subject to change.
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