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20′ Standard – Lightly Used

Price: $3,000
Features: 20' Standard used container with lock-box.
Specials Code: 20SL-GD  – YMLU3162800
Location: Calgary

20′ Standard Tunnel – Used

Price: $3,150
Features: As Is 20' Tunnel.
Specials Code: 20ST - 7315974
Location: Calgary

20′ Standard Tunnel – Used

Price: $2,300
Features: As Is 20' Tunnel.
Specials Code: 20ST - 2187673
Location: Calgary

20′ Standard – Used

Price: $2,600
Features: 20' Standard container. Wind and water tight. 
Specials Code: 20S-UW - CLHU3454821
Location: Calgary

SOLD!! - 40′ Standard – As Is

Price: $2,500
Features:  This unit has some rust issues and might not be wind & water tight. Doors close properly. Floor and two cross members are damaged.
Specials Code: 40S-GE - AWSU4941410
Location: Calgary

40′ High Cube – As Is

Price: $1,500
Features:  This unit was in good used condition before it was damaged. It now has a warped frame, doors that don't fully shut/seal and some dents. A great container for an application that doesn't need to be WWT or secure.

Specials Code: 40HC-GE - FSCU9789537
Location: Calgary

45′ Standard – As Is

Price: $1,900
Features: Lots of holes in the roof.  Rust holes in the door underneath the VIN plate. Floor will required work with a one rotten area.
Specials Code: 45HC-GE - WFHU9011849
Location: Calgary

40′ Standard – As Is

Price: $2,000
Features: This unit has holes in the roof. 2 half-inch holes in top of the door. Bottom of the doors are rusty.
Specials Code: 40S-GE - 4095277
Location: Calgary

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