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PENDING SALE / 20′ Standard with Lockbox – Used

Features: Ex-rental 20′ standard container with lockbox.
Price: $3400
Specials Code: 20S-RENT – CISU1006110
Location: Vancouver


20′ Insulated Office – Lightly Used

Features: Ex-rental 20′ insulated office. Contact for details.
Price: $17500
Specials Code: 20S.3006 – CISU1021623
Location: Vancouver


24.5′ High Cube, Door, Foamed Ceiling – Used

Features: Cut down 24.5′ High Cube container with personnel door, foamed ceiling, puck lock enclosure boxes on doors.  
Price: $7000
Specials Code: 20HC-SP – 8092079
Location: Vancouver


40′ Standard, Foamed Ceiling, Lockbox – Used

Features: Used 40; Standard Container with foamed ceiling and lockbox
Price: $3600
Specials Code: 40HCL-FC-GD – XXXX4475013
Location: Vancouver


40′ Standard with Lights, Heat – Used

Features: Ex-rental 40′ Standard Container with electrical panel, lights, and two baseboard heaters.
Price: $4500
Specials Code: 40S-HL – MLCU5051107
Location: Vancouver


40′ High Cube, Foamed Ceiling, Lockbox – Used

Features: Used 40; High Cube Container with foamed ceiling and lockbox
Price: $4000
Specials Code: 40HCL-FC-GD – TRLU5339530
Location: Vancouver


40′ High Cube with Roll Up Doors – Used

Features: Ex-rental 40′ High Cube Container with 3 x 10′ wide roll up doors and foamed ceiling.
Price: $12000
Specials Code: 40HC.1011 – EISU9036350
Location: Vancouver


53′ High Cube – Used AS IS or Used WWT

Features: Used 53′ High Cube in AS IS or WWT condition. These are 8.5′ wide units.
Price: $3500 AS IS / $4000 WWT
Specials Code: 53HDR.UX00 / 53HDR.DX00
Location: Vancouver


40′ Standard – Used

Features: Used 40′ standard container. Older unit. WWT..
Price: $2700
Specials Code: 40S-GB – 491791
Location: Vancouver

sidewalk tunnels_WEB

40′ Sidewalk Tunnel – Used

Features: Used 40′ sidewalk tunnel with window cut outs and lights
Price: $3500 
Specials Code: 40ST
Location: Vancouver

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