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40 foot sign container

40′ Sign Can – As Is

Price:  $2,200 $1,550 Great Deal!
Features: As Is 40′ Standard container. Doors have rust, door seals are missing, few holes in the roof. Doors work properly.
Specials Code: 40 Sign Can  – 2232535 
Location: Vancouver

40′ Standard – Used

Price:  $5,000 $4,900 Price Reduced
Features: Used 40′ Standard container with man door. Inside in great shape.
Specials CodeEISU1700903 - 1007
Location: Vancouver

6′ High Cube - Used

Price:  $3,000 $2,800 Price Reduced
Features: Lightly used 6ft container with lockbox. 
Great for tool storage.

Specials Code: 6HC-RENT-CISU0063898
Location: Vancouver

53′ High Cube – As Is

Price: $3,500
Features: As Is 53′ High Cube container.
Specials Code: 53HDR.UX00
Location: Vancouver

!!SOLD!! 20' With Man Door - Used

Price:  $4,200 $4,000 Price Reduced
Features: Used 20ft standard container with man door and lock boxes.
Specials Code: 20S.1006-CCLU3142994
Location: Vancouver

40′ Split Office – Lightly Used

Price: $12,500
Features: 24' Office and 16 Storage. Ex-rental unit. Separate basic office and storage space with lights and electrical outlets.
Specials Code: 0000004 - 402416.301
Location: Vancouver

40′ Aluminum – As Is

Price: $2,200 $1,250
Features: Used 40' Aluminum container, not in great conditions. Has cracks on the floor. Odd find.
Specials Code: 40-ALUM
Location: Vancouver

!!SOLD!! 20' Modified - Lightly used

Price:   $6,600 $6,400 Price Reduced
Features :Lightly used 20ft standard container with man door, foamed ceiling, light, electrical outlet, lock boxes.
Specials Code:
Location: Vancouver

40' Heated Storage - Used

Features : 40′ standard container with 2 baseboard heaters, lights, electrical panel and outlets, lock box.
Specials Code: 40S-HL-AAAU4001146
Location: Vancouver

40' Reinforced Tunnel – As Is

Features: 40' sidewalk tunnel with reinforced ends to support load above. Two windows and lights.
Specials Code: 8188939
Location: Vancouver

!!SOLD!! 20' Heated Storage - Used

Price: $6,000 $5900 Price Reduced
Features : 20′ Standard container, insulated with foam, man door, lights and heater.
Specials Code: 20S.1020-CCLU3064991
Location: Vancouver

40' High Cube - Used

Price: $4,100 $4000 Price Reduced
Features : 40ft high cube with foamed ceiling and lock box.
Specials Code: 40HCL-FC-GD
Location: Vancouver

40' Tunnels – As Is

Price: From $3,200
Features: Discontinued product. Most with lights and windows.
Specials Code: Various
Location: Vancouver

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