Understanding the difference

Why Buy Ex-Rentals

Are you curious to know the difference between our Ex-rental storage containers and competitors used cargo grade shipping containers? See the difference below! For more information please submit a Quote Request, or call us at 1-800-561-9530.


  • Our ex-rental containers start their life in the rental fleet as new or almost new containers. They are used on land for storage. Unlike used sea cans from cargo ships our ex-rental containers have a lot of life left in them due to minimal wear.
  • Most of our ex-rental containers come with heavy-duty lockboxes on cargo doors. These lockboxes work with standard pad locks. In addition to the heavy-duty lockbox, newer ex-rental units have factory style lockboxes which work with ABUS locks.
  • The floors in the ex-rental units are solid with minimal wear because storage containers are used to store tools, merchandise, and personal belongings.


  • Used sea cans from cargo ships spend their life out in salt water. They are usually around 20 years old by the time they are sold. These sea cans have significant rust, dents, and prior repairs. Damaged floors, rusted out walls and door hardware do not last very long.
  • Shipping industry containers do not have any lockboxes.
  • The floors in used sea cans have significant wear and prior repairs due to constant loading and unloading of cargo by forklifts.

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